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Episode Overview:

In this episode of "The Making of a Dental Startup," host Dr. Ashley Joves is thrilled to welcome Dr. Brice Gilliam, an orthodontist and a real-life TV star from the hit home renovation show "Making Modern with Brook and Brice" on the Magnolia Network. Dr. Gilliam shares his journey from being a first-generation dentist to opening his solo practice, Elevation Orthodontics, in Nashville, Tennessee, and how he balances his orthodontic career with his passion for design alongside his wife, Brooke, through their construction company, Deep South Modern.Key Highlights:Introduction to Dr. Brice Gilliam:First-generation dentist, graduated from Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry, specialized in orthodontics at Howard University.Opened Elevation Orthodontics in 2019, focusing exclusively on adult orthodontic care.Co-stars with his wife, Brooke, in "Making Modern with Brook and Brice," showcasing their home renovation projects.

Elevation Orthodontics: A Unique Concept:

Dr. Gilliam discusses the inspiration behind creating an orthodontic practice catering exclusively to adults, emphasizing the need for a space where adults feel comfortable receiving orthodontic care.

The Intersection of Dentistry and Design:

A look into how Dr. Gilliam's passion for design influences his approach to orthodontics and the aesthetically pleasing environment he has created at Elevation Orthodontics.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Dr. Gilliam shares the challenges he faced opening his practice right before the COVID-19 pandemic and how resilience and creativity helped him navigate through the early days of his startup.

Deep South Modern and "Making Modern with Brook and Brice":

The story behind Deep South Modern, their construction company, and how they landed their TV show on the Magnolia Network. Dr. Gilliam provides insight into balancing filming, design work, and orthodontics.

Advice for Aspiring Dental Entrepreneurs:

Dr. Gilliam offers advice to dental professionals considering starting their practices, emphasizing the importance of cash flow, community building, and staying true to one's vision.

Looking Ahead:

Future projects for both Elevation Orthodontics and Deep South Modern, including their ongoing commitment to innovative design and providing exceptional orthodontic care.

Connect with Dr. Brice Gilliam:

Instagram: @DrBrice_ and @BrookAndBrice for more on their dental and design adventures.

Final Thoughts:

Dr. Brice Gilliam's journey is a testament to the power of merging professional expertise with personal passions to create a fulfilling and impactful career. Whether it's designing smiles at Elevation Orthodontics or dream renovations on Magnolia Network, Dr. Gilliam and his wife Brooke continue to inspire and innovate in both the dental and design worlds.

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