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Behind The Making Of

The Making Of was born from a desire to share real and inspiring dental start-up experiences in an honest and thoughtful way.

Listen in with our weekly podcast or join our online tribe of amazing like-minded business people to discuss your entrepreneurial struggles, triumphs, and everything in between. We’re here to dig deep into the nitty gritty of what it truly takes to create your vision, and share those experiences through laughter, community, and truth.

This is the making of your goals, your dreams, and your life.

Meet The Makers

Michael Arias



Known as “The Dental Marketer”, Michael has helped hundreds of dental practices attract, engage, and invite their community to them through his unconventional marketing strategies. Through his blog and Monday morning podcast, he shares innovative and realistic marketing approaches coupled with real-world inspiration. Plain and simple: he helps you feel more confident in your dental marketing.



Ashley is a passionate and visionary dentist, business owner, mother, wife, and life enthusiast striving to serve her community by doing dentistry differently. She’s a self-described dentist who hates going to the dentist, and created a practice, Smile & Co., centered around her loves; her love for people, her love for food and wine, and her love for exceptional experiences. She has successfully created a space to laugh, have fun, and be family, all while delivering outstanding dental care.


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