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In this episode of The Making Of... Dr. Ashley welcomes Dr. Rob Ritter!

Dr. Ashley has not stopped talking about Dr. Ritter, Dr. Chris Ramsey and The Protocol since she took their course this past winter, so of course she had to have them on the show!

In this episode, listen for an amazing discussion on:




Closing bigger cases!

and making NO COMPROMISES!!

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The Protocol, per their website is "The course we have developed after a combined 46 years of dentistry, completing continuums from Strupp, Dawson, Pankey, Spear and Kois. Putting it all together and making it work in your practice is the goal. We cover internet marketing, social media engagement, digital photography, the all important consult, digital chairside scanning, digital design with the lab, preparations, core buildups, Bis-Acryl temps, PMMA’s, color selection thru try in, final cementation. It’s all here in a concise, focused, interactive and open atmosphere in gorgeous Jupiter-Palm Beach Gardens. Please join us for the the course and leave with the knowledge and ability that you always wanted to provide to your patients."

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