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Welcome back to another episode of “The Making Of,” where we dive deep into the journeys and insights of leaders in the world of dentistry. Dr. Ashley Joves sits down with the incredible Dr. Chris Ramsey.

After a technical hiccup in our first attempt, we’re back with clearer audio and even more valuable insights to share. Get ready for a no-holds-barred conversation packed with wisdom, laughter, and a sprinkle of brutal honesty.

Episode Highlights:

  1. The Brutal Truth in Dentistry: Dr. Ramsey doesn’t hold back. He dives into the necessity of honesty in the field of dentistry and how confronting hard truths can push you to be better at your craft and business.
  2. The Art of Communication:
    • Learn about the impact of first impressions in your practice. Dr. Ramsey discusses the "Primacy Effect" and how crucial the initial contact with patients is in setting the tone for their entire experience.
  3. Team Dynamics & Expectations:
    • Explore the importance of building a motivated and cohesive team. Dr. Ramsey shares his approach to setting high standards and expectations for his team, and how this drives the success of his practice.
  4. The Disney Difference:
    • Drawing from his unique experience at Disney, Dr. Ramsey explains how the meticulous training and attention to detail at Disney can be applied to creating a top-notch dental practice.
  5. The Protocol Live Experience:
    • Get a sneak peek into “The Protocol,” a transformative course designed by Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Rob Ritter. Learn how this course integrates clinical excellence with the art of patient communication and practice management.
  6. Tackling Patient Relationships:
    • How should dentists handle patient interactions and manage expectations? Dr. Ramsey gives his take on why dentists should focus on enhancing patient experiences rather than trying to be their counselors.
  7. Pricing and Value Perception:
    • Understand why it’s essential to charge what you’re worth. Dr. Ramsey explains the psychological principles behind pricing and why being the most expensive in town can be a strategic advantage.
  8. Overcoming Industry Challenges:
    • Addressing the common struggles of dentists, from dealing with insurance companies to battling burnout. Dr. Ramsey provides candid advice on navigating these challenges while maintaining integrity and passion.
  9. The Importance of Continuous Learning:
    • The episode closes with a powerful message on the significance of ongoing education and self-improvement in dentistry. Dr. Ramsey emphasizes the value of learning from every experience and continually striving to be better.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “If you're not waking up every day excited to come in and do your best, then be okay being mediocre.” - Dr. Chris Ramsey
  • “Every detail matters. At Disney, a single bulb being out is unacceptable. Why should your dental practice be any different?” - Dr. Chris Ramsey
  • “Stop asking, ‘What if the patient can’t afford it?’ If they’re in your office, they’re already 90% there. Your job is to help them see the value.” - Dr. Chris Ramsey

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Stay inspired, stay passionate, and keep pushing the boundaries of excellence in everything you do. Until next time, keep making magic in your practice!

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