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Welcome to "The Making of Retreat 2024" at the luxurious Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado!

Dr. Ashley Joves and co-host Collin Al-Samarrie dive deep into the exciting preparations for the most anticipated event of the year—The Making of Retreat 2024. Join them for an insider's look at the meticulous planning behind the scenes, and discover what makes this retreat a must-attend event.

Episode Highlights:

Planning in Action:
Ashley and Colin share a casual morning discussion from Ashley’s home, buzzing with excitement and laughter as they plan the Retreat scheduled for less than six months away.

Venue Spotlight - Four Seasons, Vail: Known for its opulence and charm, the venue promises an unforgettable experience. Neither Ashley nor Colin has visited Vail before, but its reputation precedes it as a haven for the affluent, guaranteeing a 'bougie' retreat atmosphere.  

Logistical Challenges: From organizing how to transport retreat materials to navigating the intricacies of hosting an out-of-state event, the duo shares their strategies and humorous anecdotes about overcoming these hurdles.

Why Vail?: This retreat marks their first venture out of California, bringing fresh excitement and a bit of nervous anticipation. The choice of Vail aligns with their standard of luxury and community, ensuring attendees experience the best of what the retreat has to offer.

Sneak Peek into Retreat Activities: Listen as they hint at some of the planned activities, including exclusive excursions and networking opportunities that blend professional growth with adventurous leisure.

Join us this September in Vail for all the fun, growth, and inspiration you need!

Whether you're a seasoned retreat veteran or a first-timer curious about combining professional development with luxurious relaxation, 'The Making of Retreat 2024' is tailored to offer something special for everyone. Join Dr. Ashley Joves and Collin Al-Samarrie for what promises to be more than just a conference—it's an experience designed to inspire, connect, and rejuvenate.

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