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Get into the world of Dr. Mitchell Mactier and follow his journey, week by week, as he creates his start-up: SMYL Dentistry

Mitchell is scheduled to open up his practice in 3 months in Houston, TX.

Listen each week to see the raw truth and the "behind the scenes" details that hardly many talk about publicly when it comes to starting up a practice!

We uncover unexpected struggles he is facing, what "life-saving" practice tips he discovered, how much everything is costing, what equipment/ companies he decides to go with and why, his plans to skyrocket his growth in the community, how all of this is affecting his personal life, and everything in between!

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- Marketing Campaign: PHOTO SHOOT FOR PRACTICE

-Using the app called Preview to see the GRID for Instagram.

-Mitchell wants every photo to mesh with the 5 colors of his practice.

-Should I have a personal/ doctor's Instagram page along with my practice Instagram page.

-What is Mitchell sick of seeing on Social Media that some practices are currently doing?

-Encourage anyone to post anything with teeth. Somethings will hit and some will not, just post creativity!

-When posting, think: how will the patient connect with this?

-The Budget Breakdown Overview!

-One thing he didn’t realize was so expensive was Dean mechanical compressor.

-Always "overbudget" when you create a budget.

-He went with 311 Adec Chairs and one big 511 chair, what was the total cost for this?

-Do not buy all the Adec cabinets or the sterilization center, it’s really expensive!

-His technology budget break down

-Initial supplies is with Patterson

-Whose his rep for Patterson... do I order a small order at the beginning and then go big or order a 6 month supply and then evaluate from there?

-Why he decided to go with "Oneway Solutions" for his IT

-What expenses have snuck up on him?

-Who did Mitchell go with for insurance verification & negotiation and why?

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