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Get into the world of Dr. Mitchell Mactier and follow his journey, week by week, as he creates his start-up: SMYL Dentistry

Mitchell is scheduled to open up his practice in 3 months in Houston, TX.

Listen each week to see the raw truth and the "behind the scenes" details that hardly many talk about publicly when it comes to starting up a practice!

We uncover unexpected struggles he is facing, what "life-saving" practice tips he discovered, how much everything is costing, what equipment/ companies he decides to go with and why, his plans to skyrocket his growth in the community, how all of this is affecting his personal life, and everything in between!

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-Framing is all done.

-Mitchell had to adjust his coffee bar height and added outlets.

-When will it be too late to make any adjustments or add ons your your framing?

-Who are his neighbors in his building and will they cause a headache in the future?

-Going to the local businesses around his practice and introducing himself, how effective is this method?

-He is starting to pick all the finishes (woods, accent pieces, tile, art, etc.)

-How much are his finishes costing?

-Buccees Gas Station Philosophy

-Mitchell’s biggest concern and how is it making you feel?

-What they wrote all over the walls?

-Where does he see his practice in the next 5-10 years?

-Online scheduling up will be up and running next Friday. Which 3rd party software did he pick and why?

-Which practices do you look up to around the country?

-You have a million decisions and you have to make it fast.

-The most difficult thing this week was a difficult Molar-Endo case.

-What does Mitchell recommend to be hung up on and be tedious with?

-Don’t decide all the finishes all at once?

-Stay tuned for the breakdown on his construction budget next week!

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