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Welcome, welcome, welcome, my lovelies! Buckle up, because this episode is a true treat for all of us. We've got none other than the amazing Dr. Andi-Jean Miro gracing us with her presence. If you've somehow missed the magic of Dr. Miro's work, you've probably been living under a rock! Trust me, she's a cosmetic genius who's setting the aesthetics world on fire.


  • Dr. Miro's awe-inspiring attention to detail in her photography and cosmetic cases.
  • The incredible legacy she's carving out after starting with Drs. Larry Rosenthal and Michael Apa, and the inspiring story of how she's blazing her own trail and making her mark in the industry.
  • Picture this: Dr. Andi-Jean Miro and I having an absolute blast, delving into her journey, her inspirations, and her challenges. We reminisce about our Insta-connection and our first meeting at an event. And guess what? I've had a secret girl crush on her for ages! (Oops, the secret's out now.)
  • Dr. Miro shares some deeply personal moments of loss—her mother, her brother, a close friend. It's truly humbling to see how she's channeled her strength into her journey. She's the epitome of resilience, and it's a reminder that behind every smile, there's often an untold story.
  • We chat about how Dr. Miro handles her patients' sky-high expectations. We've all been there, right? Those patients with mechanical pencils, sketching their dream smiles on paper. Dr. Miro's insights on patient consultations and setting the stage for success are pure gold.
  • Dr. Miro drops knowledge bombs on effective communication. From prepping patients for possible outcomes to nurturing mutual understanding, her approach is like a symphony of smiles. It's all about creating a harmonious journey from the very beginning.

As many of you may know, Dr. Miro is going to be one of the keynote speakers at the upcomine The Making of a Dental Startup Retreat in Novemeber. Dr. Miro and I are excited about the upcoming retreat—where real talk, real emotions, and real connections thrive. It's a safe space to share, reflect, and support each other. Can't wait for you to join us!

Thank you all for listening and watching this episode with Dr. Andi-Jean Miro is a symphony of authenticity and inspiration. Remember, we're all on unique journeys, and sometimes, the most dazzling smiles come from the deepest battles. Stay strong, keep smiling, and catch you in the next episode of "The Making Of" and "Little Black Dress Pod"!

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