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Show Notes


  • Dr. Ashley and Brian discuss the reason behind recording the episode, emphasizing Ashley's tendency to avoid discussing events in the moment.

The Grand Opening Party Recap:

  • The grand opening of Smiling Co Roseville took place, a significant event delayed by 9 months from the actual opening.
  • This marked the first major post-COVID event and the first event where Ashley didn't manage every detail personally, highlighting the trust placed in her team, especially new team members Kelly and Judy.

Team Contributions:

  • Kelly and Judy receive special recognition for their pivotal roles in organizing the event. Kelly, despite being new to the dental field, took the lead on organizing, which included handling swag, catering, and coordination with local businesses for donations and services.

Community Engagement:

  • The event saw a great turnout, including many from the local Roseville community and the Chamber of Commerce. Ashley reflects on the strong community support that Smiling Co events typically receive.

Reflections on Leadership and Delegation:

  • Ashley discusses the challenges and rewards of delegating responsibilities. This approach allowed the event to be successful without her direct involvement in every detail.
  • The importance of trusting her team and letting go of control is emphasized as a growth point for Ashley.

Event Highlights:

  • The episode details a humorous moment involving a large banner threatening to fall during Ashley’s speech, which was saved by Brian and another attendee.

Emotional Impact and Personal Growth:

  • Ashley shares her emotional journey, discussing the balance between her professional responsibilities and personal growth. The grand opening acted as a moment of reflection on her journey and the impact of her work.

Entrepreneurial Insights:

  • The conversation shifts to a broader discussion on entrepreneurship, including the risks and rewards. They reflect on the quote by Alex Horsi about the known costs for unknown payoffs in entrepreneurship.
  • Ashley and Brian delve into the importance of understanding one’s true motivations beyond monetary goals, emphasizing impact and community engagement.

Closing Thoughts:

  • The episode concludes with a candid discussion about personal challenges, including imposter syndrome and the pressures of maintaining a public persona.
  • They reaffirm the value of community and support in entrepreneurship, and the personal satisfaction derived from meaningful work.

Next Steps:

  • They hint at upcoming events and encourage listeners to continue engaging with the community and supporting each other in their entrepreneurial journeys.


  • A heartfelt thank you to listeners for their ongoing support and a reminder of the importance of community in both personal and professional growth.

This episode provides a deep dive into the challenges and triumphs of running a business, the importance of community support, and the personal growth that comes from entrepreneurship.

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