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In this week's episode of The Making of Smile & CO, Dr. Ashley Joves and Collin Al-Samarrie give you the insider's look and dive into the nitty-gritty of business operations, challenges, and triumphs.  We're tackling the tough stuff. Reflecting on the implementation of new systems in the office and the rollercoaster week that followed. From staffing snafus to strategic shifts, Ashley and Colin open up about the realities of running a multi-faceted business.


Monday Madness: The team faced unexpected challenges with staff illnesses, leading to Colin stepping into unfamiliar roles. The authenticity and understanding from clients shine through as a beacon of community support.

Strategic Pivots: A heartfelt departure of a key team member post-maternity leave triggers a cascade of adjustments. Plus, the tough decisions around staff restructuring and navigating the complexities of insurance affiliations.
Leadership Decisions: In-depth discussions on operational shifts, focusing on streamlining services and enhancing client experiences. Ashley and Colin share their decision-making process, aiming for sustainability and growth.

Future Focus: The commitment to a three-month intensive focus on Smile & Co., prioritizing internal training, marketing, and customer service excellence. A candid look at the challenges of balancing multiple ventures and the strategic decision to concentrate efforts where it matters most.

Until Next Time: Keep dreaming, keep pivoting, and let's make the magic happen. See you in the next episode!

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