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This week on "The Making of Smile & Co.," join Dr. Ashley Joves and Collin Al-Sammarie for a special 15-minute power session that's both insightful and packed with laughs. Listen in as they dive into the nitty-gritty of what's been cooking at Smile & Co. Get ready for a deep dive into our newly minted organizational chart and a sneak peek into an upcoming project that's got us both buzzing with excitement! 📈

Organizational Mastery: Ever wondered how practices keeps everything running smoothly, especially with two locations? We're peeling back the curtain to reveal the creation of our very first organizational chart. Discover how defining roles and responsibilities is revolutionizing our workflow and setting us up for success. 🎥

Behind The Scenes of an Upcoming Project: Hold onto your seats because Smile & Co is about to be part of a full-blown production! We're talking 11 crew members, cameras rolling, and perhaps... a national commercial in the making? This segment is all about the whirlwind preparation and the excitement bubbling up at our practice. Remember, we're not just creating smiles; we're making memories, tackling challenges, and building a community. And we'd love for you to be part of it. Drop us a comment or send a message; let's keep the dialogue going. Here's to making more than just smiles, together. See you next week for more updates and adventures from Smile & Co! 🎉💕

Until Next Time: Keep dreaming, keep pivoting, and let's make the magic happen. See you in the next episode! Follow along on YouTube, on the Facebook page, or on the podcast… and please feel free to leave us a review on each platform! The best place to find Dr. Ashley is on Instagram or LinkedIn @Ashleyjovesdds , and Collin is on Instagram @girlcollin Join us in Vail for The Retreat 2024! And don’t forget to share this with your friends if you enjoyed and found us entertaining or valuable! #TheMakingOfSmileAndCo #DentalPodcast #BusinessInsights #BehindTheScenes #GrowthJourney #DentalCommunity

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